The Philippines

Latest Updates

Daphne Granfil, ASEAN Work Life Balance Project Development Consultant for Philippines, met with Philippines Human Resource Group in Manila in April, 2017.

CSO-Local Government Coalition letters and social media promotion by the Filipino team under ‘One Million Voices for Work-Life Balance Campagne’ influenced newly elected President Duarte of the Philippines in nation-building.

In his State of Nation speech in July 2016, he emphasized several recommendations by the CSO-Local Government Coalition such as ‘putting into full force the ‘Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law’; provision of entrepreneurship development in extremely rural neighborhoods, and seriously addressing the worsening traffic situations.

Global News Network (Phillipines) Interview with Dr. Benjamina Flor – one of our speakers on the ASEAN Work-Life Balance Project!

Governor Signing the Letter for Change from Antique province with 612,369 constituents

In the Philippines students have to plant 10 tress before they graduate

ASEAN pride: If Michael Jackson Was Filipino