1 Million Voices

ASEAN Voices in Support of Work-Life Balance!

Are you in Work-Life Balance?

Read through a selection of ARTICLES related to various aspects of Work-Life Balance in ASEAN.

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Our grassroots initiative to gather 1 million voices from citizens of ASEAN is essential to our success to urge policy changes from the governments of the region to institute pro-WLB policies in our everyday lives. The following months will be crucial for us to amass said quantity of support through the use of various platforms – both online and offline.

Transformation via Social Media

Social media can be useful to gather voices as more and more people in ASEAN, especially in the urban areas, gain access to the Internet and to the various voice-giving platforms that it provides.

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“The voices that we gather will give strength to our advocacy for governments of ASEAN to institute enabling policies in their countries to gain access to and make better work-life balance for all.”