8 Things Kids Who Grew Up With Parents Who Work From Home Knows

1. You always had a personal taxi service.

Whether it was going to a friend’s house, music lessons or sports practice; your parents took you there and brought you home, no matter what time of the day it was. Sometimes, they even chauffeured your friends home when they needed a ride.

Your parents made you help them with their work by asking you to print documents, file papers and do data entry. Your ‘payment’ was always in the form of an ice-cream or candy. You had work experience long before many of your friends did. (Don’t forget to add ‘Personal Assistant’ to your resume!)

3. You couldn’t get away with things your friends could.

Since your parents worked from home, they knew your entire schedule. You couldn’t get away with things like going to the mall after school with your friends to watch a movie, or skipping after school activities. You also never got to hide your exam results from your parents because they showed up for every report card day in school. They watched your every move.

4. You had homework help.

Forget tuition classes. Your parents were there to help you with your homework questions. All you had to do was knock on their office door, and help was on the way. Even if you didn’t want it, your parents still asked you if you needed help in homework, because they wanted to make sure you to did well in your studies.

5. The house was always clean.

No matter how much of a mess you made, the house was magically cleaned when you got back home from school, even if you didn’t have a maid. You could never get away with not doing your house chores either, because your parents made sure you took breaks in between doing your homework to get some exercise.

6. No running around during ‘office hours’.

During certain times of the day, you were told to be very quiet and not bother your parents because they had a very important email to write, or a business phone call they had to make. You abided by the rules because you know you’d be punished if you didn’t.                                                 

7. You were taught to answer the phone in case your parents couldn’t.

Sometimes the phone rang while your parents were busy or out of the house; so they taught you how speak in your most grown up voice and ask the caller to leave a message with you or call back later, and not say silly things.

8.You had a lot of attention, and you knew it.

Your parents probably decided to work from home so they could spend more time with you to nurture you and watch you grow. You ran to show them every drawing you did immediately after drawing it, because you knew they would take the time to admire it and encourage you. They never missed a big moment in your life, and they showered you with all the love and affection they could while balancing their workload at the same time. Hoooray mom and dad!

By Rhonwyn Hagedorn (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

– who grew up with both her parents working from home

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