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Indonesia Just Outlawed Child Marriage — A Huge Win for Gender Equality

Previously, religious and local authorities could permit girls of any age to marry.

Why Global Citizens Should Care
Child marriage take agency, education opportunities, and hope for a better future away from young girls around the world. Governments can help solve this issue by strengthening laws to protect women and girls and advance gender equality, a key part of eradicating global poverty. Join us in taking action here.

The Indonesian parliament unanimously agreed to raise the legal minimum age at which girls can marry to 19 last week. The move comes after decades of campaigning and will help to advance gender equality and close legal loopholes that have enabled issue of child marriage to remain pervasive in the country.

“Finally, after 45 years (of the existing marriage law). This is a present for Indonesian children,” Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Minister Yohana Yembise said in a statement.

Source: Global Citizen